5 Step Services

The 5 Step Turf Management Program

Trinity Landscape’s lawn and tree care service is designed to make life easier by assuming care of your lawn. The program work on a timely basis, every night weeks throughout  the growing season. The use of EPA registered products applied safely by professional, licensed personnel, relieve you of the task of selecting materials and the guesswork of proper timing.

1 - Protect

Early Spring

(March through April)

Balanced fertilizer formulated to protect the lawn from common spring diseases is applied. This application includes a pre-emergent designed to protect against unsightly infestations of annual grasses. This prevents them from germination later in the season.

2 - Control

Late Spring

(May through June)

Balanced form of liquid weed control is applied to prevent broadleaf weeds, such a dandelions,  thistles, plantain, etc.

3 - Maintain



High analysis liquid or granual form is applied, depending on summer heat and drought tolerance. Weed control is applied to help maintain a green and weed-free lawn.

4 - Build

Early Fall


To ensure a thick, healthy lawn, a slow release gradual fertilizer is applied to build new roots, tiller and grass plants. This application with cooler temperatures and more moisture will accelerate plants growth and density.

5 - Store

Late Fall


Although there is minimal leaf growth in winter, the root system of your lawn remains active through the winter. A lawn feeding replenishes the food reserves that are depleted. This application supplies extra energy for winter survival and is stored for next season in stimulating leaf growth.